If you were holding your breath waiting for Brandy & Lauren & I to knit everything we have seen on the Backyardigans… well, you’d already be dead. (Sorry about that.) We are all pretty busy and don’t have as much time to knit as we’d like. But we’d like everyone to be able to share their own Backyardiknits with the world. Or at least our knitterly corner of it.

Here’s a list of Backyardigans episodes and the resultant potential knitwear. If you make one of these items and have a picture of it on your blog, let us know and we’ll link to it from here. Fair enough?

Backyardigans everyday wear
Austin’s T-shirt, Pablo’s bow tie, Tasha’s flowered dress, Tyrone’s sweater, Uniqua’s overalls.


A Giant Problem: Well, one could certainly knit up some wizard hats for Pablo and Tyrone, along with matching robes. Uniqua gets matching duds at the end, as well. I’m not sure about Tasha’s “giant” hat — looks like it’s laced together with a leather thong.

Best Clowns in Town: Clown wigs, anyone?

Blazing Paddles: not yet aired (season three).

Castaways: You could make toga-like rags for our three castaways (and one stowaway) but it sure doesn’t look like fun. Unless you’re the kind of knitter who really enjoys dropping stitches.

Catch That Butterfly: Pablo, Tyrone, and Uniqua chase the golden gilded butterfly all across the Old West in a stagecoach while wearing shirts, vests, and period hatwear, but nothing knittable. (Feel free to prove me wrong. How hard can it be?)

Cave Party: More toga-like creations, similar to Castaways. But the Hill People and the Valley People wear different types of necklaces, which could be felted jewelry.

Chicken Itza Pizza: not yet aired (season three).

Cops and Robots: Sorry, nothing to knit here. Moving on…..

Eureka: There’s not much to knit here either….

Fly Girl: I have seen this Season Three episode only once, and the kids were mightily bored. (In fact, when I tell them there’s a new Backyardigans coming on soon, they actually ask, “It’s not Fly Girl, is it?”) I don’t remember much knitting potential except that I always want to give a pilot a white silk scarf. Whether or not Uniqua has one in this episode, I don’t recall, and I doubt the kids will let me leave it on long enough to check, should it be re-aired.

Front Page News:

Garbage Trek: not yet aired (season three).

Horsing Around:

International Super Spy (Super Secret Super Spy): Get ready to knit hats! Uniqua wears a floppy beach hat, a jaunty newsboy cap, and a wintry ribbed cap with white pompom, all in pink two-tones. She also wears a white tuck-in scarf with her winter ensemble. Pablo exchanges his usual blue bow tie for a more formal black tie. The others don’t wear much that looks knittable. Bonus points for breaking out the 1960s needlework magazines to make fab tops for the Lady in Pink.

Into the Deep: Tyrone and Pablo wear red-orange watch caps that look like a basic 2×2 ribbed hat.

It’s Great to Be a Ghost:

Knights are Brave and Strong: If you’re really ambitious, you could make Queen Tasha’s and King Austin’s royal robes. But the main event here seems to be tunics for Uniqua, Tyrone, and Pablo. Don’t forget the intarsia fleur-de-lis in the center color panel!

Le Master of Disguise: not yet aired (season three).

Match on Mount Olympus: not yet aired (season three).

Mission to Mars:

Monster Detectives:

Movers of Arabia: We knit Arabian things! That might include the turban of Austin the Genie, or an Arabian-style rug from the Sultan’s treasure cave.

News Flash: Anyone up for knitting some corn?

Pirate Treasure: Not much to knit here, but on the other hand, it wouldn’t take long. Pirate Tyrone wears a red-orange do-rag, and Uniqua wears a black eye patch.

Polka Palace Party: Tyrone, Pablo, and Austin wear red-orange bandannas, Uniqua wears a lavender bandanna/scarf held with a silver concho.

Quest for the Flying Rock: Sadly, I didn’t see anything you could really knit, unless you want to make dozens of tangled jungle vines from I-cord.

Race Around the World: There’s some knitwear here in the snowboarding segment (I’ll list it here in detail after I get to screen the episode again), but the item I’d really like to make is Austin’s fanny pack. Especially if you can find a way to fit in a canteen, a box of Band-Aids, an extendible hook, a large pair of scissors, and a rope.

Race to the Tower of Power: Bad-guy masks (black) and good-guy masks (coordinating colors) abound. You could knit or crochet the Key to the World, too.

Riding the Range:

Samurai Pie: Unless you want to knit a chef’s toque, or a pair of white gi with contrasting belts, you should probably stick to the ninja masks. Uniqua’s is burgundy; Pablo’s is deep blue. Of course, there’s Empress Tasha’s kimono….

Saving the Day:

Scared of You:

Secret Mission: Secret Agents Pablo, Tyrone, and Uniqua wear identical black watch caps that look like a basic 1×1 rib. (Major thanks to the Backyardigans folks for not making their hats too complicated!) You might also try a spy gadget belt or a Spy Maple Syrup cozy.

Sinbad Sails Alone:

Special Delivery:

Surf’s Up:

Swamp Creature:

Tale of the Mighty Knights:

The Heart of the Jungle: The zebra (Pablo), cheetah (Tyrone), and tiger (Austin) toga-style outfits look more like fabric projects, but the leafy necklaces worn by Austin and Tyrone could be knitted. You could also make some of Sherman’s worm clan with crochet or bulky I-cord, but the spotted ones are probably best left to the experts.

The Key to the Nile:

The Legend of the Volcano Sisters: Uniqua and Tasha wear pearl necklaces that could be made with white felted balls. The Legendary Luau Brothers have armbands that look like they’ve made of woven palm leaves. (There’s a good close-up just as Tyrone the Strong is poised to lift the Very Heavy Tiki Mask.) Frankly, nothing else looks knittable.

The Mighty Egg-Sitters (Parts 1 and 2): not yet aired (season three) unless this is a mislabeling of the hour-long Tale of the Mighty Knights. Which seems likely.

The Secret of Snow:

The Snow Fort: Tasha and Uniqua’s ski patrol caps (robin’s egg blue, knit plain) and two-tone zippered vests (robin’s egg blue top, medium blue bottom, yellow cross on right chest)

The Tea Party:

The Yeti:

To the Centre of the Earth: Jules-Verne style inventors Uniqua and Pablo help cardigan-wearing Tyrone tunnel to the center of the earth in search of the penny he lost in the sandbox. The sweater is cute but not very distinctive. No Tasha or Austin in this episode.

Viking Voyage:

What’s Bugging You?: not yet aired (season three).

Who Goes There: Plenty of potential here, especially for Uniqua’s pointillist wardrobe and Austin’s actual toga. If you’ve been knitting up togalike items for other episodes, making this one should feel like returning to your roots! I loved this Season Three episode, but then again, I love flamenco.


Which episodes did I miss? For once, the Internet Movie Database list is woefully incomplete. I’ll keep adding possible projects to this list…at this point I just want to put it out there.