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Lynne Walter has commented on a previous post that she’s looking for a knitting pattern for a Pablo. I didn’t have one, but got to thinking that maybe it would be more easily created as a crocheted amigurumi. And since I also don’t crochet (yet, anyway; a friend is threatening promising to teach me) I thought it would be more interesting to see what you could come up with.

Who’s up to the challenge? Create or modify a knitting or crochet pattern to make a cute little Pablo. I’m sure I can come up with some sort of prize package for the winner. I have all kinds of craft related books and magazines, and a healthy stash. 

Any questions? I don’t want to slap a deadline on it because we’re all so busy right now and it might just be discouraging to think of one more thing to have to do. But I sure would like to see what you folks are capable of.


The Backyardigans just came on TV and we were astonished to see a new opening sequence. It could only mean one thing: Season Three has begun! (After a month of overworked fanfare for “Undercover Dora,” I can only say, uh, Nickelodeon? Where are your priorities?)

Here are the episode titles I found for Season Three at the Internet Movie Database. They don’t have air dates or descriptions, so we’ll get to fill that in as we go along.

Who Goes There
Blazing Paddles
Garbage Trek
Fly Girl
What’s Bugging You?
Chicken Itza Pizza
To the Centre of the Earth
Front Page News
The Mighty Egg-Sitters (Parts 1 and 2)
Le Master of Disguise
Match on Mount Olympus

I’ve just made public a links page I’ve been working on for a while. I have several episodes to add projects for, so please keep checking back.

The links will go to your finished Backyardiknits, so leave a comment on the links page if you have done something we can link to.

— Beth —

Alert! Alert! The premiere of Super Secret Super Spy, a double-length Backyardigans episode, will be Monday, September 17, at 7pm Eastern time. All the Backyardigans will be playing, so you’re sure to see your favorite character.

SPOILER ALERT: If you’re the type who just can’t wait three days, look for a review here that will spill the beans on the entire plot. Also, the DVD will be available in stores on September 18.

Keep your eyes open for potential knitting projects!

— Beth

Yesterday I finished the in-the-round torso portion of my Tyrone sweater. I stopped halfway through an orange stripe. (Isn’t that convenient?) Now it’s time to cast on for sleeves. I plan to just knit the same number of rows in each color, and hopefully that will make everything look like it goes together in the joining round.

Tyrone torso

I have made two sweaters before, but they were to the Guideposts pattern where you knit two T shapes and seam them together with a boat neck. So I’m in new territory now but the torso was a quick knit (especially for me) and the sleeves shouldn’t take long.

We’re moving this weekend, and school will start right after Labor Day, so I don’t know how much knitting time I will have. But I’ll keep you posted. Another Tyrone sweater has already been requested by the 8 y.o., but I think I will make his sweater in his new school’s colors.


I think I have things set up so that, after your first comment has been approved by an admin, your second comment should automatically be approved. So please, feel free to comment and tell us about your Backyardiknits projects. (I swear, we will be starting ours any day now.)

Here’s a link to a site that found us last month. I hope they change “Laura” to the correct “Lauren” but otherwise I was really amused by the review. I wonder what they’ll say when we show some knitting?


Last night I took a look at all my various patterns for the Tyrone sweater… and started a gauge swatch. Look out world!

I will also re-measure Jack today and Write Down The Numbers Where I Won’t Lose Them. I know, these are lofty goals, but I like having something to strive for. So, expect to see an exciting picture of a gauge swatch within the week.


Thanks to Brandy for putting together an official-quality custom header for the site. It conveys the fun spirit we want to have here.

I’m ready to open this up to all comers. As you stop by, please tell us a little bit about yourself and your favorite Backyardistuff.


It’s funny… we all like singing the BY songs, but I guess I crossed the line the other day. My 4 yo daughter asked for lemonade for her and her brother. I turned and she said, “Look, I already brought the sippy cups and set them on the counter.”

I said, “Well, that certainly is convenient.”


— Beth

Welcome! This is a knitalong for folks who love the Backyardigans. You don’t have to have Backyardigans-loving kids or grandkids to participate… but it probably helps.

It’s not authorized by anyone associated with the Backyardigans. So if we end up quoting songs, or posting images from the show, it should be thought of as a loving tribute. There is no charge to join the knitalong. It’s all for fun.

As this knitalong gets underway, we’re looking for patterns to use. Feel free to send us links to free patterns, finished objects, and patterns for sale. And if you have created anything Backyardigan style, let us know so everyone can see!