I am Lauren, a 40-something pretend farmer currently raising twin teenaged boys (13) and my 2 1/2 year-old grandson from my husband’s older daughter. Our own daughter just graduated from high school and high-tailed it out of here like her bum was on fire. We discovered “The Backyardigans” because of our “Pint” but occasionally get caught watching it without him around.

Favorite Character: Uniqua, who I think I am most like. I am not bossy like Tasha for goodness sakes!

Favorite Episode: Samurai Pie

Favorite Quote: “Ninjas like pie, too; we do.”

Interesting Fact: I raise fiber animals, Shetland Sheep, Angora Goats, and Alpaca, and spin their fiber into yarn.  Then I knit like crazy.  My house is a mess.

Please visit my personal blog about knitting, spinning, farming, and family at www.pretendingtofarm.com.