Yesterday I finished the in-the-round torso portion of my Tyrone sweater. I stopped halfway through an orange stripe. (Isn’t that convenient?) Now it’s time to cast on for sleeves. I plan to just knit the same number of rows in each color, and hopefully that will make everything look like it goes together in the joining round.

Tyrone torso

I have made two sweaters before, but they were to the Guideposts pattern where you knit two T shapes and seam them together with a boat neck. So I’m in new territory now but the torso was a quick knit (especially for me) and the sleeves shouldn’t take long.

We’re moving this weekend, and school will start right after Labor Day, so I don’t know how much knitting time I will have. But I’ll keep you posted. Another Tyrone sweater has already been requested by the 8 y.o., but I think I will make his sweater in his new school’s colors.