Since we created Backyardiknits, I watch the show in a whole new way.  Yes, I still enjoy the songs and the whit and I can almost understand Sherman the Worman but I obsessively stare at their clothes.  Could I knit a little sleeveless dress for Tasha?  A little jumper for Uniqua?  No, I’m drowning in a testosterone pool since my oldest girl moved out and have no little girl to dress up anymore.  It could still be done though.  Somewhere in Minnow Knits or one of the many Debbie Bliss children’s pattern books can be found a little dress that could be tweaked with either intarsia or duplicate stitch and, ta da, you have knit a Tasha.  Someone out there must still have little girls with lovely little girl hair that puts the adorning ribbons to shame.  Little girls who love frilly pink dresses and sparkly shoes would appreciate a Uniqua or Tasha dress, knit by Mom (or Dad) just for them.  No one else would have one and they would go to school and say, “My mommy (or daddy) made this just for me.”

What are you doing just sitting there?  If you’re lucky enough to both have a little princess and enjoy The Backyardigans, it is your duty to knit that dress.  When you’re done, come on back and share your masterpiece.  Make sure she is wearing the dress.