Since my Austin loves Austin I would like to make him an Austin T-shirt, knit of course.

I’m going to order some Shine Sport from Knitpicks in the colors Sky and Butter. Not exact on the color matching, but to a 3 year old it’s all the same.

I searched high and low for a knit T-shirt pattern. I am not clever enough to come up with my own – yet. Having never even knit a top before probably hinders my abilities the most. 

I found the “Nothing but a T-Shirt” pattern that was published in Magknits and designed by Allison at The Blue Blog. I think this will do well as a starting point. Now I will have to sit down and do the dreaded maths to figure out the color striping. Or, maybe I’ll just wing it – ha! I do wish it was top down construction, but I am a big girl. I can learn to seam! I am secretly hoping that once I actually sit and study the pattern I will be able to figure something out to eliminate seaming as much as possible.

Whatever I do, I will keep you posted. Just don’t hold your breath. I’m still working on needle liberation as well; never-mind those brand new needles in the bottom of my knitpicks cart.